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  • Thursday 03, December 2020
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‘Pakistan National Squash Academy useless’

‘Pakistan National Squash Academy useless’

KRACHI: Pakistan’s former legendary squash player Jansher Khan has said that Pakistan National Squash Academy (PNSA) should be closed because of its poor performance.

“The performance of the players trained at the academy has deteriorated instead of improving,” said Jansher, a former eight-time World Open champion.He said that the performance of PNSA players in the Pakistan Open 2017 had been very disappointing. “Despite having all basic facilities, the recent performance of the national players has disappointed squash fans in Pakistan,” he said.

Jansher urged President Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman to order an inquiry into the failure of PNSA. He said that before the establishment of PNSA, Pakistan players used to qualify for quarter-finals and semi-finals of Professional Squash Association (PSA) tournaments.

“Now our players are knocked out in first and second rounds,” he added.However, the former six-time British Open champion lauded the hosting of $25,000 Women Championship and $50,000 Men’s Championship.

“But keeping in view the current world ranking of our national squash players and their recent performance, it would have been better if the PSF had held two $25,000 tournaments,” he said.He further said that playing in $25,000 tournaments would have benefited Pakistani players as they would have achieved more points and improved their international standings.

“In the $50,000 tournament, top international players participated and as a result our players were knocked out in the first and second rounds,” Jansher added.He also urged the PSF to give importance to Balochistan. “By marginalising Balochistan, we are not portraying a good image of the country,” he said.