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  • Wednesday 25, November 2020
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Australia declared number one T20 team for a few hour

Australia declared number one T20 team for a few hour

Human errors can happen to anyone at any time, the same happened last day when the ongoing mistake of the day was resolved in Syria.

It is said that the larger the organization, the greater the error, in the world of cricket, this error was not committed by any cricket player, team, table or country, but by Cricket International Council has arrived.

On the victory in New Zealand in the 3-T20 Cup against England, it turned Australia into a T20 Number One, which took Pakistan to the first place, but after a while, the ICC realized that despite the 126th position, Pakistan reached the highest rank of 19.

The highest rating of Australia is 125.65 and the highest of Pakistan is 125.84, so Pakistan is number one, so ICC has again ranked Pakistan in first place on its T20 website.

Cricket circles have seen this ICC error as a surprise.