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  • Friday 04, December 2020
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Bangladesh promises improved cricket pitches after reprimand by the ICC

Bangladesh promises improved cricket pitches after reprimand by the ICC

DHAKA: The Bangladesh Cricket Council has agreed on Thursday to improve the basis for international testing after its two best sites have been rated "below average" by the governing body of the sport after the Sri Lankan series.

The International Cricket Council penalized the Sher-e-Bangla National Stadium in Dhaka for its poor rating one week after rebuking the other best Bangladeshi site in Chittagong for its poor quality terrain. The final test against Sri Lanka ended in three days when the visitors beat Bangladesh by 215 points in a match that allowed both teams to score two goals in less than eight sessions. The Chittagong test, however, saw drummers looting more than 1,500 races, with Sri Lanka reporting a colossal 713 for nine in its first and only possibility.

ICC match referee David Boon, who issued a demerit point on both sites for a below-average pitch, said the Dhaka launch was poor from the first day. "There was evidence that the ball broke the surface of the field, which caused an uneven rebound throughout the game, with an irregular turn, which was sometimes excessive," he said in a statement. .

"This field has resulted in partial competition for bowlers, and it did not give drummers a fair chance to show off their skills." The opposite problem prevailed in Chittagong last week, when Boon said the launch did not provide any sewing. movement and favorite drummers, who broke five centuries and six half centuries for five days. The Bangladesh Cricket Board said it would consider appealing demerit points, but promised to take more precautions in the future.

"Since we received this note, we will be more cautious in preparing the sites," said Nizamuddin Chowdhury, executive director of the board.

Any reason that receives five ICC demerits for five years is suspended from hosting international cricket for one year. In September, the ICC classified Dhaka's garden field as "mediocre" after the hosts defeated Australia by 20 points in a test.

But no point of demerit was published, as the ICC guidelines for land and land monitoring were reviewed in January, a council spokesman said.