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  • Friday 04, December 2020
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General Election 2018: Big blow to Imran Khan in native Mianwali as Nawab family quit PTI

General Election 2018: Big blow to Imran Khan in native Mianwali as Nawab family quit PTI

The resentment against the party tickets reached to the Imran Khan’s native constituency in Mianwali. The influential Nawab of Kalabagh family parts way with PTI over the differences with Imran Khan on a party ticket.    Former Member National Assembly and granddaughter of Nawab Amir Muhammad Khan of Kalabagh, along with her family members on Thursday announced their decision in this regard, ending her six-year affiliation with the party after being denied party ticket to contest the upcoming general election.

Coming from one of the most influential families of Mianwali, the home-town of PTI chairman Imran Khan, the former MNA and TV anchor served as Imran Khan’s campaign manager in the district during the last general election.

Addressing a press conference at her residence in Kalabagh on Thursday, she said: "We opened doors of our historical mansion to Imran Khan and became his companions in his journey to change."

Ayala Malik who served as a member of the lower house of the parliament from 2002 to 2007 on a reserved seat for women on Millat Party’s ticket said: "With our hard work and with the help of Allah we managed to win four seats out of six in lathe st election. 

"We had to face a little disappointment when Khan decided to leave the seat from his ancestral town (after 2013 election) and left us to fight state machinery and government prosecution in the by-election. He practically disassociated himself from the constituency but our family stood by him.

And despite being aware of all the facts, Imran Khan, instead of addressing the issue, handed over the matters to non-serious elements"."From today, we are parting our ways with the PTI, and in the coming days, we would be free to take our own decisions and set our direction. All options are open for us. We will decide our future course of action after consultation with people of our constituency".

The differences emerged over the party ticket for her son in law Amir Muhammad Khan for a provincial assembly seat. After PTI refusal to award party ticket to him,   the former MNA is expected to field her son-in-law, Amir Muhammad Khan, as an independent candidate from the Punjab Assembly Constituency PP-86 Mianwali.

This is a serious development and can jeopardise Imran Khan’s campaign in his native Mianwali. Some other senior and popular leaders already decided to contest the election as independent candidates. PTI candidate in PP-86 is facing difficulties as PTI leader Haji Sheeka Khan is contesting as an independent candidate.

If the disgruntled leaders and Nawab of Kalabagh family decided to join hands with PML-N candidates in NA-95 Mianwali, then it can cause big problems for Imran Khan In his home constituency. Malik Ammad Khan won this constituency as an independent candidate in 2008. The Nawab family supported Imran Khan from this constituency. But the situation is completely different in this election.

Imran Khan won this constituency with a huge margin against Ubaidullah Khan Shadikhel of PML-N. Imran Khan decided to retain the Rawalpindi seat and vacated Mianwali seat. Ubaidullah Khan Shadikhel won this seat in the by-elections. Local PTI leaders were not happy with this decision of Imran Khan to vacate this constituency.

The local political commentators believe that Imran Khan will face much more resistance and competition compares to the last elections. The local political experts are expecting a tough competition between Imran Khan and Ubaidullah Khan Shadikhel.

Khalid Bhatti ACE News election Cell