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  • Friday 27, November 2020
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General Election 2018: Faisalabad: Dr Nisar Ahmad Jutt MNA changed party for the fourth time

General Election 2018: Faisalabad: Dr Nisar Ahmad Jutt MNA changed party for the fourth time

Dr Nisar Ahmad Jutt MNA from NA-81 Faisalabad Vii (now NA-106 FSD VI), once again changed the party before the election. This time he left PML-N to join PTI. He will contest his first election without his political mentor and patron Ch. Ilayas Jutt. It will be first real test of his personal popularity in the constituency. He was among the group of law makers who announced to resign in protest against the amendments in election forms regarding the declaration of Khatm-e-Nabuwat (PBUH). He did not resign as MNA but decided to leave PML-N to join PTI.

  Nisar Jutt is among the group of electables who prefer to contest every election on the ticket of different party. Politicians like Dr. Nisar Jutt have no ideology, principle and loyalty with any particular political party. They always wanted to join the government to get the maximum benefits for themselves and for their local allies.

They have no permanent party and political affiliations and can change the party whenever they wanted to. Dr. Nisar contested the first election from NA-81 Faisalabad Vii on PPP ticket in 2002 and after winning the election, he joined PPP patriots to support the PML-Q coalition government. He contested the next election in 2008 on PML-Q ticket but lost to PPP candidate Saeed Iqbal. He left PML-Q and joined PML-N to contest 2013 general election on its ticket. Now he will contest the 2018 general election on PTI ticket.

Dr. Nisar’s only political qualification is that he is a son-in-law of known politicians Ch. Ilayas Jutt. Ch. Ilayas contested several elections from this constituency and remained MNA on PPP ticket in 1993. He introduces Nisar Jutt in 2002 election because of graduation condition. As a non-graduate, he himself was not eligible to contest the elections. So Nisar Ahmad entered into politics incidentally.  Ch. Ilayas died in 2015. He was use to wear traditional kurta and dhoti while attending the assembly sessions. He was forced to leave his native village in Gojra because of an old enmity with Warraich group. Several people lost their lives in this decades old enmity.

Ch. Ilayas Jutt got the PPP ticket in 1988 because of his deceased brother Azam Chaudhry. Azam Chaudhry was active in PPP and forced to leave the country during the Zia martial law.  He was killed in Amsterdam, Holland in the 1980s. Zia regime alleged him for having links with Al-Zulifqar. He was a known activist of PPP, so Benazir Bhutto awarded party ticket to Jutt as the acknowledgment of his brother’s sacrifice.            

The political parties fool themselves and rely on such politicians who have no loyalty with them. PTI called itself the party of change but relying on the politicians who support status-quo. It is not surprising that such politicians are ditching PPP and PML-N to join the PTI. They are not comfortable with PML-N’s confrontational politics and don’t want to land in trouble. They are choosing PTI because they think PTI will form the next government as powers that be backing it. PTI is happy that finally it got a strong candidate in this constituency who can win them a seat in the parliament.

Every political party lure these politicians who enjoy certain support in their constituencies. These politicians have their personal vote bank through the local groupings and patronage. The clans, tribes and caste (Bradari) also played key role to muster support for these influential politicians. They use the caste, sect and clan to form local groups and patronise them to get votes in the elections.

Khalid Bhatti