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  • Saturday 28, November 2020
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General Election 2018: My father will contest instead of me : Daniyal Aziz

General Election 2018: My father will contest instead of me : Daniyal Aziz

Former federal minister Daniyal Aziz said that his father will contest in upcoming elections instead of him. He added we already decide that if court will possibly disqualified him than my father will contest from my circle and that’s why he already submitted the nomination paper.

He said that on the judicial verdict, we did not lock up, did not attack Islamabad, we struggled to strengthen institutions.

Talking to the media after hearing the verdicts against the Supreme Court, former federal minister Daniyal Aziz further said that the decision will be done after legal progress.

He added that there were three charges against me, some 8 months and some 10 months old, I had a press conference in the first charge.

Daniyal Aziz said that the first charge witness acknowledged that I did not say that word.

He says that the video was found by someone else on the local channel, when video was played in a local channel audio, those words were not spoken.

Daniyal Aziz further says that I have made local governments system, which I got the medal, while the NAB of my opponents has more than three cases.

Former federal minister also said that according to TV channels I got the lead in my circle, no charge of corruption on me.