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  • Tuesday 24, November 2020
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General Election 2018: PML-N govt completing its five year term today

General Election 2018: PML-N govt completing its five year term today

The PML-N government is completing its five-year term today.

National Assembly will stand dissolved at midnight tonight paving way for the establishment of a caretaker setup and conduct general elections in the country on 25th of July this year.

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and leader of Opposition in the national assembly have already nominated former chief justice of Pakistan Nasir-ul-Mulk as interim Prime Minister.

The 14th National Assembly during the last five years of its tenure passed the highest number of laws and accomplished landmark achievements.

In the energy sector, the PML-N government has successfully overcome the challenge of power shortage by adding 11461 megawatts of electricity to the national grid.  

Similarly, the government has completed an unprecedented number of development projects in every nook and corner of the country worth billions of rupees in the shape of motorways, highways, train tracks and other infrastructural projects besides the CPEC project which is described as a game changer.

The Prime Minister hoped that the next government would carry forward the prudent policies adopted and pursued by the present government.

He said an amount of Rs 26 billion was allocated for the development of IT sector in Balochistan which helped ensure 3G connectivity and services in the province. The development of IT sector in Balochistan would help generate more job opportunities in the province, he added.

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi reiterated that peaceful and transparent transition of democracy was what Pakistan needed and whatever the people of Pakistan decided should prevail.

He said they should learn from the past and carry it in future, adding what Pakistan needed today was a strengthened economy and the PML-N government had set the growth rate achieved, the infrastructure issue had been resolved and stability of policy had been provided.

Similarly, GDP growth rate increased to 5.79 percent from 3.68 percent in 2013.

In Economy Sector appreciable efforts were made by the government resultantly the GDP growth is now at 5.79% which was just 3.68% in 2013.

The five-year term of National Assembly, Punjab Assembly, and Balochistan Assembly is going to end today.

As a result, these assemblies will stand dissolved by midnight tonight.