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  • Sunday 29, November 2020
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General Election 2018: PTI facing rebellion in Narowal district

General Election 2018: PTI facing rebellion in Narowal district

PTI is facing a rebellion in its ranks in Narowal district. Senior PTI leaders in the district have refused to accept the decisions regarding the party tickets. Former district nazim Col ® Javed Safdar Kahloon, former federal minister Tariq Anees, Akmal Sargana, Ashfaque Taj, Amin Khan, Gulzar Dialpur, Javed Bajwa and others announced to form an independent panel to contest the July 25th general elections.

Col ® Kahloon will contest from NA-78 Narowal against PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal and PTI candidate Ibrar ul Haq. Ch. Tariq Anees will contest election from NA-77 Shakar Ghar and Zafarwal Tehsil of Narowal district against Ch. Danial Aziz of PML-N and Mian Rashid of PTI.

This three way contest will make this election much closer and interesting affair. Tariq Anees was expecting to get PTI ticket from NA-77 to contest against Danial Aziz but former PML-N legislature Mian Rasheed joined PTI couple of weeks ago which changed the situation in the constituency. PTI leadership awarded party ticket to Mian Rasheed and ignored Ch. Tariq Anees.

Narowal district lost one national assembly seat in the new delimitations. Its total number of seats reduced to two from three. PML-N won all three national assembly seats in 2013 general elections. When PML-N refused to accommodate third MNA Mian Rasheed, he joined PTI to contest the elections.

Now PTI dissident leaders have decided to form an independent Grand Alliance in the district to contest election on all the national and provincial assembly seats. This alliance can cause big damage to the PTI vote bank and paved the way for PML-N candidates to win the elections. If PTI leadership failed to overcome the internal conflicts and differences then it is on the way to lose elections. Ch. Tariq Anees considered a strong candidate as he won the 2008 general elections as an independent candidate. He later joined PPP government as minister. He defeated Ch. Danial Aziz in 2008 elections.

Khalid Bhatti ACE News Election Cell