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  • Friday 27, November 2020
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General Election 2018: PTI vs. PTI in Muzafar Ghar district

General Election 2018: PTI vs. PTI in Muzafar Ghar district

PTI embraced all the possible electables in Muzafar Ghar district. The interesting electoral development is taking place in the PTI in Muzafar Ghar district.   Muzafar Ghar has six (06) national assembly and 12 provincial assembly seats. PTI is hoping to win most of the seats from this district. PTI has announced its candidates from this district. PTI put up the best and strongest possible candidates in all the constituencies.

The traditional powerful feudal families of the district quit the PML-N and joined PTI including Bukharis, Gopangs and Jatois. These three families shares most of the seats in tehsil Ali Pur and Jatoi. PTI was confident to win the maximum number of seats in this district. But the cracks opened up in the new comer electables and now PTI candidates are opposing each others in different constituencies.    

Ghulam Mustafa Khar will compete as PTI candidate against Malik Sultan Hinjra in NA -181. Malik Sultan Hinjra won the 2013 election and defeated Khar in this constituency. There will be a close and interesting battle expected between the two again on July 25th. He is also facing a revolt from the old guard of the PTI.  

PTI has leave NA-182 and NA-183 for Jamshed Dasti as the result of a silent understanding between the two. But Jamshed Dasti is also showing interest in contesting from NA-184 against PTI candidate Basit Sultan Bukhari. If Jamshed Dasti decided to contest election from this constituency then the situation will become complicated and other candidates can take advantage of this situation.

Jamshed Dasti won two constituencies in last general elections. He won from NA-182 and NA-183. But this time he is facing opposition from the voters. His position is not as strong as it was in 2013. There will be a close contest in both the constituencies.

In NA-184 Basit Sultan Bukhari is the   PTI ticket holder but he wants to put up his wife on PTI ticket from this constituency and wants to contest the elections as independent candidate from NA-185. He wants to face PTI candidate Sardar Mouzam Ali khan Jatoi from this constituency.

In NA-186, the younger brother of Basit Bukhari, Haroon sultan Bukhari is willing to challenge the PTI candidate Amir Talal Gopang as independent candidate. The brother in-law of PTI candidate from NA-185 Mouzam Jatoi, Sardar Abdul Qayum Jatoi is also contesting on PPP ticket from this constituency.

All these feudal lords and tribal chiefs are contesting against each other to dominate the constituencies and to show their political strength and power. If PTI leadership failed to stop and end this feud between its candidates then the other candidates will take advantage of this situation.

Muzafar Ghar is one of the most backward and under developed districts of Punjab. This district has one of the lowest literacy rates in Punjab. This district is the strong hold of the feudals and tribal chiefs. They change political loyalties according to the situation in almost all the elections. PPP was used to be the strongest party in the district. PPP won all the five national assembly seats in 2008. Many feudal lords and tribal chiefs contest elections as independent candidates and then join the ruling party. Most of these electables supported every military takeover in the country and remained part of the military regimes.

Muzafar Ghar district is going to see tough and interesting contests on July 25th general elections. PML-N and PPP hasn’t announced its candidates in this district. PPP has chance to win two constituencies NA-183 and NA -186.

Khalid Bhatti ACE NEWS Election Cell