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  • Wednesday 25, November 2020
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General Election 2018: Punjab CM Caretaker setup is impartial: Dr. Hasan Askari

General Election 2018: Punjab CM Caretaker setup is impartial: Dr. Hasan Askari

Punjab Chief Minister Dr. Hasan Askari said on Friday that caretaker setup was impartial.

“Holding general elections in a transparent manner will be ensured and our performance will be proof of government’s complete neutrality. All the departments concerned will have to perform their duties with a dedication to hold free, fair and transparent elections,” he said while talking to a provincial minister, Anjum Nisar. The caretaker chief minister observed that development of industrial sector on modern lines is pivotal to strengthen the national economy and added that issues like unemployment and poverty can be solved by promoting industry, trade, and investment related opportunities.

“All these sectors are very pivotal for rebuilding and development of the country,” he added. The industrial sector plays an important role in the strengthening of the national economy along with the provision of employment opportunity to the youth and with the establishment of new industries, many more employment-related activities are generated which benefit the national economy in a number of ways, he added.

Askari directed that steps should be initiated so that industrial sector could follow labor laws and give attention to water treatment and other rules and regulations. Implementation of relevant rules and regulations is the responsibility of the line departments as well as the concerned administration.

Similarly, implementation of environmental laws should also be ensured and concerned agencies should work with diligence and hard work. He said that trade and economic activities are increased due to investment in the country and new employment opportunities are created. Meanwhile, investment is also useful to overcome issues like poverty and unemployment, he added.

He said that provision of conducive atmosphere to the investors is very much important to motivate the foreign investors. If investors are provided a suitable atmosphere for investment, the trend of investment will be boosted and national economy will be further strengthened, he said.  “The situation of law and order is an important factor for trengthening of the national economy as trade and investment-related activities are invariably increased in the country. Necessary steps will be taken for providing relief to the people while remaining within our mandate,” concluded Askari.