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  • Wednesday 25, November 2020
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General Election 2018: Senior Journalist Jugnu Mohsin decided to contest 2018 election

General Election 2018: Senior Journalist Jugnu Mohsin decided to contest 2018 election

Senior journalist and anchor Jugnu Mohsin announced to contest provincial assembly election from PP 185 Okara iii. She will contest as an independent candidate. She is known progressive voice of the country. She always raised her voice for the democratic rights, freedom of expression, freedom of press and for people’s rights. There is possibility that she might also choose another constituency to contest election from there too.  This decision was taken at the workers conventions held at Renala Khurd and Sher Ghar towns in which hundreds of people participated. This provincial assembly constituency is consists of Sher Ghar, Renala Khurd and surrounding villages.

Earlier she wants to contest the election for a national assembly constituency but after the new delimitations she changed her mind and decided to run for a provincial assembly. The Okara constituencies went through big changes as Okara district lost one national assembly seat. The loss of one constituency changed the situation in the district as number of seats reduced to 4 from 5.  

Jugnu Mohsin belongs to the influential feudal family of this area. She is active in the local politics for some years and also formed the local electoral group to contest the last local bodies elections. Her panel won two Union Councils with clear majority.  Her panel called Al-Hassan group won Sher Ghar and Qila Dewan Singh Union councils in the local elections.

She started many welfare and development projects for the local people. She is running two free kitchens for the poor people. She wants to end the Thana culture and nepotism from this area and to introduce clean and pro-people politics. She wants to end the domination of local feudals.       

Khalid Bhatti