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  • Monday 30, November 2020
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General Election 2018: The PML-N infighting in NA-125 can cause huge damage to the party

General Election 2018: The PML-N infighting in NA-125 can cause huge damage to the party

The infighting within PML-N in NA-125 has jeopardised the campaign of its candidates. The different local groups of PML-N leaders are opposing each other on the issue of party tickets.  Some local bodies’ representatives of the party even organised protests against opponent faction. This situation is posing serious challenge for the leadership. If leadership failed to overcome the differences and unite the party then the consequences will be catastrophic for the party.  

This constituency has a political significance for PML-N. The defeat in this constituency will be a big political setback for its leadership.  NA-125 Lahore (3) is considered as the strong hold of Sharif family and PML-N. Both Shahbaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif won this constituency since 1985.

 Even when Sharif family was living in exile in 2002 elections, the PML-N candidate Pervaiz Malik won this seat with comfortable majority. In 2008, Bilal Yaseen won this seat with even bigger margin. Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif won this constituency in 2013 with the margin of 40,000 votes. But this margin reduced to 15000 votes in the bye-election in 2017 after the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif as prime Minister.

Now PML-N has awarded party ticket to former MNA from NA-133 Waheed Alam Khan against Dr. Yasmeen Rashid of PTI. Waheed Alam Khan belongs to this constituency but consisted election from NA-133 Township and Kot lakhpat.

 The party wanted to pitch Pervez Malik from this constituency but local party leaders opposed his nomination. Bilal Yasmeen is also showing interest to contest this constituency. Pervaiz Malik has now been awarded ticket from NA-133.         

Another PML-N leader Riaz Malik was also interested to contest election from this constituency. He is already awarded ticket from NA-123. PML-N tried to overcome the differences within PML-N to bring a new face.

Both candidates of provincial assembly seats fall under this constituency are facing opposition and resistance from the local party leaders. Ayaz Bobbi group is opposing Bilal Yaseen and some local UC chairmans are opposing Majid Zahoor.  Both Bilal and Majid won their seats in 2013. But this time the situation is different as it faces stiff competition from PTI.

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