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  • Saturday 28, November 2020
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ICC World Cup Trophy reaches Islamabad

ICC World Cup Trophy reaches Islamabad

The International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cup Trophy reached the federal capital on Friday (Oct. 5) on the second leg of its Pakistan tour.

The trophy arrived in Lahore on October 03 and remained in the city till the fifth. After Islamabad, the trophy will make its way to Karachi on October 09 and remain there till October 13. 

The cricket World Cup will take place in England and Wales from May 30 to July 14, 2019.

The trophy kicked off its world tour from the International Cricket Council (ICC) headquarters in Dubai on August 27.

In a statement issued by the ICC, “Travelling across five continents, 21 countries and over 60 cities the ‘most connected Trophy Tour ever’ will allow fans around the world to get up close to the coveted prize that will be lifted at Lord’s Cricket Ground on July 14, 2019.”

The trophy will travel to Oman, the USA, the West Indies, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, Nigeria, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany before arriving in England and Wales on February 19, 2019 for a 100-day domestic Trophy Tour.