"And when you said, ‘O Moses, we will not believe you until we see Allah visibly.’ Thereupon a thunderbolt seized you as you looked on." (Al-Baqarah; 55)
  • Friday 21, September 2018

Imran Khan Addresses Civil Servants

Imran Khan Addresses Civil Servants

Prime Minister Imran Khan is addressing a gathering of civil servants, with a special focus on changing the attitude to run the state affairs.

The prime minister said that Need to change in mindset for better Pakistan, also said there is a need to come out of colonialism-driven thoughts, adding, “We have to serve our people instead of rule over them”.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said we need to understand that nothing is impossible; if we as a nation put our minds to it. But in order to achieve our goals, we need to change ourselves.

We have seen all kinds of challenges and countries come out of them. Germany and Japan were destroyed by war, but they rose back up in 10 years. Why? Because the nation and governments were on the same page.

When people take ownership of your country, they become the protectors of everything to do the country; an army of 200 million. We need to step outside of a colonial mindset.

The country where the most women die while giving birth, and the most alarming figures where 43 percent of the child population has stunted growth because we can not feed our children.

2.5 crore children are out of school. 8 Lakhs children are in private schools and some 45 Lakhs in Madrassahs. Which nations can progress when they do not treat their children equally.

Accountability is our cornerstone. The level of corruption there is; our biggest issue is because of it. The money stolen is one aspect of it, but the institutions destroyed to make corruption possible is what has destroyed our country. 

This is the downfall of the third world; where institutions are destroyed. Why is there transparency in the West? Because they have institutions and are afraid of the law.

I spoke to chairman NAB; and I have told them whatever investigations happen, against our bureaucracy even, do not humiliate anyone in the process, do it subtly.

He urged the bureaucrats to change their attitudes.