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  • Tuesday 01, December 2020
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Inzamam sounds warning bells for the ODI side

Inzamam sounds warning bells for the ODI side

LAHORE: Pakistan's head coach, Inzamamul Haq, believes changes to the ODI team are inevitable as the recent 5-0 whitening in the New Zealand 50-envelope format can not be ignored.

Inzamam was speaking to the media at the Lahore Cricket Club when he said: "After a 5-0 defeat, the changes are obvious, the ODI team needs a redesign because that defeat is not acceptable, it continued to ruin the fact that Pakistan only I had an ODI tournament on the national calendar, but he said that Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was doing everything possible to add more. "There is only one ODI tournament in Pakistan every year, and we are working to increase the number of tournaments, since that will help players refine their skills for the format of 50 over, "he said.

In PSL and cricket club: The Pakistan Super League (PSL) will start on February 22 in Dubai and Inzamam believes it offers young players a platform to improve their skills in the shortest format. "Players who play in the PSL will have the opportunity to develop T20 skills, which will increase the pool of talents available in this format," he said. He added that the PCB focused on improving first class cricket standards and List A in the national structure so that it can be translated into better national teams in both formats. The 47-year-old also emphasized the importance of the cricket club. "The more you play cricket, the more you have," he said. "In our time, I used to play more than 150 games in a year and that helped me improve."

In the team selection: Inzamam was quite honest when asked about the role of a head coach in selecting the eleven players for a match. "I think a coach's suggestions should also be taken into account when choosing an eleven," he said. "Although the captain and the coach are mainly involved, a coach should also be consulted to improve the results." Speaking of Lahore's role in discovering cricket talents, Inzamam said the number of players to come had decreased from a back seat. "Manto Park has produced at least eight to ten international players for Pakistan and other clubs have done the same, they will have to relive the club's cricket to produce good Lahore players," he said.