"Then We revived you after your death, so that you may be appreciative." (Al-Baqarah: 56)
  • Wednesday 02, December 2020
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The Ace news has decided not cover any match of Indian Premier League (IPL) 2018.

We condemn Indian brutality in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) where they recently martyred 20 and injured over 200 Kashmiries in an attempt to suppress their voices.

The international human rights bodies as well as the highly alienated western media are pleased to ignore these massacres. It seems that both India and Israel enjoy full immunity for committing human rights violations and state terrorism.

India has not learned the lesson that Kashmiri population wants freedom, dignity, respect and democratic and human rights.

The amount of torture, killings and rapes persisting on Kashmiri people by Indian armed forces has already set a new record of brutalities.

The UNO and all other Human rights organizations are not taking notice of these cruel activities of India.

On grounds of Indian brutality, injustice, maltreating and suppressing the voice & rights of freedom of Kashmir we are aiming to BOYCOTT the entire event of IPL 2018.