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  • Tuesday 01, December 2020
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Karachi Kings won by 7 wickets

Karachi Kings won by 7 wickets

Karachi Kings set up as number two in the points table helping themselves to a back up match. And they do it with a serious thrashing. Denly started it off maximizing the powerplay, Babar and Ingram strolled the innings. With enough defences, singles and resisting the temptation for glory hits, they ensured they kept things professional. And simple. But it was simplified by their bowlers, especially Usman Khan. It's his consecutive match of standing out, this time though with four wickets and a win for his side. In the process, with Zalmi winning earlier in the day, Multan have been out of the tournament this season.

  Now the over all scenario is - Karachi will play against Islamabad again on 18th March in Dubai. Peshawar and Quetta will battle it out in Lahore. In a throwback to the last season of the PSL, it would be the same four sides who make it to the play-offs.

PLAYER OF THE MATCH : Usman Khan for his 4 wickets