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  • Monday 30, November 2020
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KYI Leisure Leagues Inter-District tourney from Dec 30

KYI Leisure Leagues Inter-District tourney from Dec 30

KARACHI: Leisure Leagues is organising Karachi Youth Initiative (KYI) Leisure Leagues Inter-District Football Tournament simultaneously at five venues in Karachi from December 30.

As many as 20 matches will be played on the first day. A total of 100 teams, 20 each from Districts South, Central, East, Malir and West, will be seen in action during the tournament.

More than 900 matches will be played during the event. Each team will comprise ten players. Seven players play at a time for a team in the Leisure Leaguers format. There is no restriction on substitution.

The 20 teams of a district will be divided into two groups. Each team in a group will play 18 matches, two matches against every other team in the Group.

Top teams from both groups will play the district final and a district champion will emerge. Subsequently, the champions from the five districts will play in a Champions League, playing one match against each other. The top team from the league will become Leisure Leagues Karachi Champions.

The South District venue is Lyari’s Gabol Park Football Ground. District Central matches will be played at 16-Star Football Ground. District East matches are scheduled to take place at Ansar Union Football Stadium. Malir district matches will be held at Mohammadi Stadium. Khyber-Muslim Football Stadium will be the venue for District West matches.

Each player participating in the tournament will receive free kit and football shoes.On December 23, Leisure Leagues held a training workshop for referees and match supervisors at 16-Star Football Ground to prepare them for the mega tournament.

Shahroze Rizvi, Leisure Leagues Chief Area Manager Pakistan, taught the referees and supervisors Leisure Leagues rules and regulations.Riaz Ahmed, Area Manager Karachi, practically demonstrated the application of Leisure Leagues rules and regulation to the referees and match supervisors.

Leisure Leagues has hired 25 referees and 15 match supervisors for the tournament. Leisure Leagues is holding tournaments in Lahore, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Peshawar, Mardan, Quetta and Rawalpindi. Jacobabad and Gilgit are next in line.

The city champions of Leisure Leagues will play in Leisure Leagues National Tournament, which is expected to take place in March 2018.“In line with our longstanding commitment to giving back to the people of Pakistan, we continue to provide opportunities to the underprivileged youth of Karachi,” Chairman World Group Mehmood Trunkwala said. “This initiative will keep them away from negative activities,” he added.

Leisure Leagues Chief Operating Officer (COO) Ishaq Shah said: “With this tournament, we aim to provide a platform for underprivileged footballers, mostly young players, to perform.”Zabe Khan, GM Operations and Marketing Leisure Leagues, said:

“This tournament will not only benefit upcoming footballers but will also help football officials find a way to earn. We want to promote football in a way that it benefits everyone, including technical officials.”