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  • Friday 04, December 2020
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Lack of support, finances see the world boxing star Waseem private title

Lack of support, finances see the world boxing star Waseem private title

ISLAMABAD: The best Pakistani boxer, Muhammad Waseem, suffered a major blow on Thursday when he was denied a unique opportunity to fight for the flyweight title of the World Boxing Council (WBC) and lose his flyweight title. of weight. money as a result of non-payment of fees.

The boxer, obviously taciturn, has announced the news in a new video. "I won a WBC flyweight world title, but that opportunity has been gone since we could not get the necessary fees, and they took away my WBC flyweight title and they downgraded me to the classification. I was the number one competitor , but now I'm in fourth place on the list, which is a very sad thing because I could not achieve my professional goal of winning a WBC world title for Pakistan, supported here. "

Waseem made history in July 2016 by defeating Jether Oliva of the Philippines to become the first Pakistani to have a championship belt in a major boxing organization. He later trained at Floyd Mayweather's gym in the United States, while his impressive performances in the ring quickly put him in first place in the world flyweight category, currently held by Daiho Higa of Japan. The world title fight was scheduled for 2018, but a chronic lack of finances deprived Quetta of this opportunity.