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  • Monday 30, November 2020
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Mongolia comes out victorious at International Snow Sculpture Championship

Mongolia comes out victorious at International Snow Sculpture Championship

COLORADO: The annual snow carving championship was held for the 28th time this year where the Mongolian team beat all and took home the gold.

In Colorado’s municipality of Breckenridge, 16 teams worked diligently for an entirety of four days crafting alluring ice sculptures out of a 25 ton, 12 foot tall block of snow. 

The championship had teams participating from all around the world including representations from China, India, Italy, Estonia, Mongolia and Mexico. Four of the teams came from the United States including Breckenridge and Colorado.

The Breckenridge Tourism Office stated that they sent 250 invitations in June asking for submissions from artists all around the world, out of which 16 of the best teams are narrowed down and brought to compete in January.

The artists had the freedom to use hand tools including vegetable peelers, chicken wire and small saws; whereas power tools, coloring and internal support structures were entirely prohibited.

The deadline came to an end on Friday where the judges announced Mongolia the winner of the championship. The winning team had come up with a piece called ‘Secrets’ that exhibited women and their secrets.