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  • Monday 30, November 2020
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Pakistan to field 10-member wrestling squad in Takhti Cup

Pakistan to field 10-member wrestling squad in Takhti Cup

KARACHI: Pakistan is set to field a ten-member wrestling squad in the Takhti Cup which will be held at Mahshar, Iran’s Khuzestan province, from February 8-10.

“We have got an invitation for the Takhti Cup and are going to field our team in that,” Pakistan Wrestling Federation’s (PWF) secretary Arshad Sattar told ‘The International News’ on Thursday.Arshad said that Iran Wrestling Federation would sponsor Pakistan’s squad by giving it air-fare and accommodation.

He said that those ten wrestlers were being sent to Iran who had grabbed gold medals in the last National Championship in Faisalabad.“There is only one change in the list. In the 75kg injured Abdul Rehman has been replaced by Asad Butt,” Arshad said.

He also revealed that PWF wanted its side to stay in Iran for one month after the Takhti Cup to train for the Commonwealth Games which will be held at Gold Coast, Australia, from April 4-15.

“We are negotiating this with Iran Wrestling Federation. We have told them we want the team to stay there for one month after the Takhti Cup and have requested accommodation,” the official revealed.

He said that PWF had already sent Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) a request for Rs3.5 million for the training tour and the Board has been requested to also approve Rs3000 daily food allowance per wrestler during their stay in Iran.

“I am going to meet a senior official of the Board tomorrow at Lahore and hope some breakthrough will be made,” Arshad said.He also revealed that the PWF would hold trials on January 30 for picking grapplers for the Commonwealth Games.

“We will pick six fighters for the Australia event. Japan-based Haroon Abid also will come for the trials. If he is able to beat his opponent in the 97 kilogramme then he will be sent back to Tokyo and will be invited to Australia from there for the Commonwealth Games,” Arshad said.

He said that PWF was also going to hold National Belt Wrestling Championship in Lahore on Saturday (tomorrow).“It will be a one-day event and the managers meeting for that will be held tomorrow. You know belt wrestling is now part of the Asian Games and we are working on that direction,” Arshad said.