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  • Friday 04, December 2020
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PHF lifts Saadia, Iqra suspensions

PHF lifts Saadia, Iqra suspensions

LAHORE: The Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) has revoked the suspension of two female players who were suspended for an indefinite period after their claims of harassment by Coach Saeed Khan were declared false and unfounded.

On Monday, the two female players met PHF secretary Shahbaz Ahmed and disciplinary committee chairman Naveed Alam and made themselves available for selection.The announcement of their suspension was made by the PHF Secretary Women’s Wing during a press conference. She rejected the claims made by Syeda Saadia which had been backed by Iqra Javaid.

Saadia had made the allegation in a video clip that she posted on social media.The two players in their meeting with the PHF officials claimed that their dispute was with the head coach and now they were available for Pakistan hockey.

Later talking to media, Naveed Alam said the issue had been amicably resolved and the two female players were now available for selection in the national team.