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  • Wednesday 25, November 2020
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PSF plans coaching course

PSF plans coaching course

KARACHI: Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) is conducting a coaching course for both Level-1 and Level-2, PSF secretary Tahir Sultan told ‘The International News’ on Sunday.

“The schedule depends on the foreign coach. We are in talks with some coaches in this regard,” he added.

He added that modalities were to be finalised s0oon. “We have already applied for the course. Our focus will be on level-II qualifiers as we don’t have level-II coaches,” said Tahir.

A local coach said PSF was spending its resources in wrong places. “I have told PSF and everyone many times that squash is changed now. There is explosive reaction in squash now and many things more. But in Pakistan no one is ready to listen and accept this because they cannot do it on their own and they don’t allow others who are eligible to do that,” he said.

The coach added that he had been requesting PSF to hold WSF coaching course in Pakistan, but they never allowed him to do that. “And now they want to hold WSF coaching course in Pakistan, for which they will bring an instructor from abroad. They will pay for his ticket, accommodation and all other expenses plus a huge amount for his daily allowance besides the tutor fee,” said the local coach.

The coach said that the foreign coach would conduct the course in English and 95 percent of the participants would not understand much “but Fahim Gul will give them certificates as he has done before.

“Our coaches will remain illiterate and will not be able to teach our youth according to their needs. The rest of the world will move forward and Pakistan squash will go back further,” said the coach.