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  • Friday 27, November 2020
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Punjab retain winners’ crown in Inter-Provincial Games

Punjab retain winners’ crown in Inter-Provincial Games

KARACHI: Punjab retained the title of the Quaid-e-Azam Inter-Provincial Games when they finished the second edition with a whopping medal aggregate of 151, which included 74 gold, 46 silver and 31 bronze.

In the five-day affair in which competitions in 19 disciplines were held at the Pakistan Sports Complex Islamabad, Balochistan ended as the runners-up with 26 gold, 22 silver and 38 bronze medals.

They were followed by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (21-24-51), Sindh (20-26-45), FATA (7-13-22), Islamabad (6-15-43), Gilgit-Baltistan (4-7-16) and Azad Jammu and Kashmir (1-5-17).Balochistan improved a lot as they had ended fifth in the previous edition. Sindh slipped one place as they had taken the third position in the last event.

On Friday Balochistan grabbed men’s football gold, beating Punjab in the final. Islamabad claimed bronze.The women football gold also went to Punjab as they beat Islamabad in the final. Sindh claimed bronze.

Sindh’s performance in men’s karate was impressive as the province claimed two gold medals, one silver and one bronze.Shabih Raza in -60kg, Shehbaz in -65kg and Syed Shahnoor in individual kata claimed gold medals. Syed Shahnoor in 50kg clinched silver and Moiz Ali picked bronze in +84kg.

The other gold medals went to Balochistan’s Asmatullah (-50kg), KP’s Mohammad Murad (-55kg), Punjab’s Irfan (-67kg), KP’s Mohammad Ali (-84kg), Balochistan (team kata), Balochistan (team kumite), Balochistan’s Waheed Ahmed (+84kg).

Sindh secured gold in both men’s and women’s netball team events. In both finals, Sindh beat Punjab. The bronze in both categories went to KP.In men’s table tennis, Punjab got three gold medals, one silver and one bronze. Sindh secured two silver medals and one bronze, Islamabad picked three bronze and KP secured one bronze.

In women’s table tennis, Punjab claimed two gold, one silver and two bronze, Sindh claimed one gold, two silver and one bronze, while KP got two bronze and Islamabad managed one bronze medal.

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi graced the closing ceremony.

Men’s taekwondo results: -54kg: Shahzaib (Baloch, gold), Awais (KP, silver), Hasnat (GB, bronze), Hidayat Ullah (FATA, bronze)

-58kg: Hussain Anjum (Islamabad, gold), Muhammad Shoaib (FATA, silver), Hameed Ullah (Baloch, bronze), Zeshan Shabbir (Punjab, bronze)

-63kg: Mohammad Nasir (FATA, gold), Ameer Hamza (Punjab, silver), Saqlain (Islamabad, bronze), Mujtaba (Sindh, bronze)

-68kg: Zubair Ahmed (Balochistan, gold), Noor Za Din (FATA, silver), Haroon (KPK, bronze), Atta Ullah (Islamabad, bronze)

-74kg: Jibran Asad (FATA, gold), Muhammad Ishaq (Islamabad, silver), Ibrar Khan (KP, bronze), Razi Uddin (GB, bronze)

-80kg: Gulbadin Hikmat Yar (FATA, gold), Kamran Majeed (GB, silver), Abdul Khaliq (Balochistan, bronze), Ghazi Rehman (Islamabad, bronze)

-87kg: Khalid (KP, gold), Haider (Islamabad, silver), Saif Ullah (Balochistan, bronze), Adnan (GB, bronze)

+87kg: Mazhar Ali (FATA, gold), Fazal Khan (Balochistan, silver), Jameel (KP, bronze), Faizan (GB, bronze)

Women’s taekwondo: 46kg: Saba Ishaq (Islamabad, gold), Fiza (GB, silver), Hoorwish Ayesha (FATA, bronze), Fatima (Sindh, bronze)

-49kg: Laraib Mannan (Punjab, gold), Nadia (KP, silver), Asia Habib (Islamabad, bronze), Tanzeela (Sindh, bronze)

-53kg: Zaheer (Punjab, gold), Maliha Ahmed (Islamabad, silver), Rozina (GB, bronze), Bushra (KP, bronze)

-57kg: Zainab (KP, gold), Sadia Ameen (GB, silver), Hawa (Balochistan, bronze), Anjum Ikram (Punjab, bronze)

-62kg: Malika Ali (GB, gold), Madiha (KP, silver), Shahnaz (Balochistan, bronze), Samia Iftikhar (Islamabad, bronze)

-67kg: Mehwish Karim (GB, gold), Misbah (Islamabad, silver), Umm-e-Rubab (Sindh, bronze), Fatima (Balochistan, bronze)

-73kg: Lubna (GB, gold), Maimoona (KP, silver), Samaviah Hamid (Punjab, bronze), Rumaisa (FATA, bronze)

+73kg: Manisha Ali (GB, gold), Fatima Babar (Punjab, silver), Maria Khan (FATA, bronze), Shakira (Balochistan, bronze)

Boxing: 49kg: Sheroz Kachi (Sindh, gold), Eid Ullah (KP, silver), Waqas Haider (Punjab, bronze) 52kg: M Naeem (Punjab, gold), Hamid Hussain (Sindh, silver), Hamza Rao (Islamabad, bronze), Noor Ali (Balochistan, bronze)

56kg: Shoaib Khan (Punjab, gold), Haq Nawaz (FATA, silver), Abdus Samad (Balochistan, bronze), Naseeb Ahmed (Sindh, bronze)

60kg: Mohibullah (Balochistan, gold), Amir (Sindh, silver), Saif Ali (Punjab, bronze), M Saim Sheikh (Islamabad, bronze)

64kg: Amir Masood (KP, gold), Salman Khan (GB, silver), Zeeshan Ahmed (Punjab, bronze), Nida Muhammad (Balochistan, bronze)

69kg: Shafi Ullah (Balochistan, gold), Fahad Ali (Punjab, silver),

Saliq Sheikh (Islamabad, bronze), Naqeeb Ullah (Sindh, bronze)

75kg: Faisal Khan (Balochistan, gold), Afzal Khan (Punjab, silver), Umair Riaz (AJK, bronze), M Faizan (KP, bronze)

81kg: Saeed Ali (Punjab, gold), Farhan (Sindh, bronze), Sadoon (GB, bronze)

91kg: Aitizaz Khalid (Punjab, gold), M Ameen (Balochistan, silver), Imtiaz Afridi (KP, bronze), Bilal Khan (Sindh, bronze)

+91kg: Irfan Khan (FATA, gold), Mustafa Tareen (Sindh, silver), Saleem Khan Sikandari (KP, bronze), Saad Ahmed (Islamabad, bronze).

Medals Table

Team Gold Silver Bronze Total

Punjab 74 46 31 151

Balochistan 26 22 38 86

KP 21 24 51 96

Sindh 20 26 45 91

FATA 7 13 22 42

Islamabad 6 15 43 64

GB 4 7 16 27

AJK 1 5 17 23

Total 159 158 263 580