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  • Tuesday 01, December 2020
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Shahzeb vows to bring more football action to Pakistan

Shahzeb vows to bring more football action to Pakistan

KARACHI: Shahzeb Trunkwala, who has been appointed as Vice President of the recently-launched International Socca Federation (ISF), vows to bring more football to Pakistan in future.

Pakistan has been accepted as the member country of the federation. Pakistan will also be sending its team in the inaugural six-a-side World Cup scheduled to be held in Lisbon, Portugal, from October 5 this year.

One of the key officials of Leisure Leagues, which brought Ronaldinho and Friends comprising several foreign players last year, Shahzeb said in a message from Birmingham that he would be trying his best to bring more football action to Pakistan.

“We are very hopeful that football will see good days in coming years in the country,” he said.The inaugural conference of International Socca Federation (ISF) was held in Birmingham on February 8.

ISF aims to represent 2.1 billion footballers in the world and will be endeavouring to promote the game all around the globe.In its official press release, ISF has also mentioned Lyari as mini-Brazil.

Leisure Leagues has already been organising small-side leagues all over Pakistan. It is also organising tournaments in schools and colleges.