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  • Saturday 05, December 2020
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Sindh govt forms body to resolve squash conflict

Sindh govt forms body to resolve squash conflict

KARACHI: Sindh government’s sports department has formed a committee to resolve the conflict between two squash associations and has made Jahangir Khan the head of the committee.

Secretary sports Dr Niaz Abbasi called a meeting in his office on Monday and invited the officials of both associations.Amir Khan and Jahangir represented their respective associations. Officials of other sports organisations were also present.

The other members of the committee are an official from Sindh Sports Board (Mr Bhatti), an official of Judo Karate Association (Mr Hashmi), and an official from weightlifting association (Mr Sohail).

“Jahangir’s appointment creates a conflict of interest,” said a member who was present in the meeting.Hashmi of the judo association raised this issue, but the Secretary Sports ignored his objection.

The resolution of the conflict will decide which body will send players to Sindh Games that are to be held soon in the province.“Jahangir clearly stated in the meeting that they didn’t recognise Sindh Olympic Association (SOA). With this attitude, Jahangir should not have been included. But he heads the committee,” said a source.The source added that it looked unlikely that this issue would get resolved. “How come Jahangir will accept documentary proof against himself?” said the source.