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  • Wednesday 25, November 2020
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Waseem Akram: The whole nation is happy on PSL

Waseem Akram: The whole nation is happy on PSL

Pakistan's former fast bowler, Waseem Akram said that Pakistan Super League has played an important role in expressing the capabilities of young cricketers and they hope that this series will continue.

In the interview to British Broadcasting, Waseem Akram said that not only Pakistan but the whole nation is very passionate because it is the cricketers of all Pakistanis.

Waseem Akram said that in the last two PSL, the Pakistani team has got two very talented cricketers, Hassan Ali and Shadab Khan, who are performing very well in international cricket, which shows that youthful PSL is the main platform. bring cricket players.

Waseem Akram says that his most important responsibility in Multan Sultan is to take care of each cricketer individually and keep them away from any kind of pressure so he can show his performance. The defeat in the game is won, but Multan Sultan will try to fight the last ball.

It is clear that Waseem Akram, who won the highest wickets in Test and One Day International, was the first to join PSL, Multan Sultan's director of cricket.