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  • Tuesday 24, November 2020
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Waseem to be CFL’s brand ambassador

Waseem to be CFL’s brand ambassador

KARACHI: The World Boxing Council (WBC) silver flyweight champion Mohammad Waseem has agreed to serve as brand ambassador for the Classic Football League (CFL), which is expected to be held here in August.

“Nicknamed Falcon, the current WBC champion has announced his support for CFL to be staged in Karachi A few weeks after the FIFA World Cup,” CFL organisers said in a press release on Monday.

Chairman CFL Haider Ali Daud Khan said that Waseem was a hero of boxing- and football-following youth. Waseem said: “It’s a great honour to be an ambassador for CFL. I feel privileged to support and promote sports in Pakistan, especially football because personally I like and play it. I assure the CFL management of my full support for the cause.”